Terms and Conditions

  1. All equipment remains the property of Media Messages and it is the responsibility of the applicant to take full care of it. Any loss or damage outside of normal wear and tear will incur replacement cost of $450 (ex GST) at the customer’s expense.

  2. If the Customer’s telephone system has not been set up to play music on hold (including radio or CD), installation of a surge protection device called a Line Isolation Unit (LIU) and some system programming may be required. This must be carried out by a licensed telecommunications technician and at the expense of the customer. If the Customer chooses to continue with the service offered from the Company after the trial period, Media Messages will reimburse  the cost of this technician’s visit up to the value of $200.00. If the Customer chooses not to continue with the service offered from Media Message, the telephone system will still be enabled for playing music on hold.

  3. Contact will be made by Media Messages prior to the end of the trial period to determine the outcome of the on hold trial.

  4. The on hold equipment can be returned to Media Messages anytime within 7 days after the trial period finish date. If this occurs, the Customer will not be charged for the production service or for the Equipment. If the Equipment is not returned within 7 days after the trial finish date, the Company reserves the right to charge the customer a pro-rata ‘casual’ service rate of $64.80/month (ex GST). For tracking purposes, returned equipment must be sent via registered post or signed courier (at the customer’s expense).

  5. If the customer decides to continue on one of the Media Messages packages a service agreement will be issued and the on hold service will continue.


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30 Day 100% satisfaction guarantee