Onhold Equipment

On Hold Equipment needs to be reliable and installed without a fuss. That's why our products are bullet proof in the functionality and run 24/7 flawlessly 

MOH 1200

Our MOH 1200 Digital On Hold System is designed to be compact and has connections to make updating quick and easy. Updates can be made by connecting the system via a USB cable to any PC or MAC just like an external hard drive. On hold messages are loaded onto the internal memory or can be saved onto an SD Card and inserted into the on hold equipment.

OS 8000

If you require the occasional updating of your on hold messages then the OS 8000 Digital On Hold System can be updated by simply unplugging a USB Stick from the unit and inserting into any computer where the audio file can be dragged and dropped onto the device.

OS 2700

Where there is a high frequency of changes required to the on hold messages then the OS 2700 is the perfect system. The OS 2700 connects via any spare line or fax machine to give it the ability to dial directly into our studio's for fast updating. Messages can be pre scheduled to update at any time necessary.


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